4 Tricks to Appear ‘Offline’ on WhatsApp

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When the weekend or vacation is a moment that makes you do not want to be disturbed. But sometimes you also need to open WhatsApp and reply to important messages. It’s going all wrong!

If you already like this, try to do some of the following tricks to make you appear offline from WhatsApp.

1. Turn on airplane mode

When you need to read a message but don’t want to be seen opening it, make sure you have turned on airplane mode before opening it. That way, even if you have entered the chat section, the message will still be considered unread until you deactivate airplane mode.

2. Reply to the message via pop-up

Don’t open the message, just reply to the message that you need to reply to through the notification pop-up that appears when the message arrives. That way, last seen won’t work and the ‘online’ sign won’t appear.

3. Disable all privacy

Go to Settings> Account> Privacy, then select everything (last seen, profile photo, about, status) to ‘Nobody’.

4. Block at once

When you feel you don’t want to be disturbed by annoying messages on weekends, choose the contact for you to block. That way, the person you blocked won’t be able to see last seen, profile, or send any message.